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[WATCH] Porter Robinson’s Fascinating Nurture Walk & Talk

| June 22, 2021

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two months since the release of Porter Robinson’s sophomore album, Nurture. It took the music industry by storm. The album cover was featured in Times Square on the screens. The music dominated the charts. He announced a nation-wide tour that continues to add more dates as the shows sell out. He gave interviews on every major website. And now, we can add one more.

Spotify followed the producer for a quick walk and talk. Literally. It’s titled “Nurture Walk with Porter Robinson”. In the three-minute conversation, he talks about life and what Nurture means to him. He explains his thought process while creating Nurture. It’s weird how he can pack so much information, feeling, and emotion into the clip. Porter is one of those artists, like Eric Prydz, that have such a fascinating creative process and it’s a joy to hear them articulate it. You can see that Porter is trying to convey so much emotion in his music, and this helps you understand the point he was trying to get across with the album.

I encourage you to watch this short video. It’s hard to describe how beneficial it may be to you or someone’s life. Not many can articulate like he does. The man has a way with words. It’s astounding. After all that he’s been through, it’s no surprise that he wants the world to be a positive experience for all.

“Hope is like a beautiful light source. It’s a fuel. It helps you move forward. Despair, I find, doesn’t motivate me the same way a genuine belief that things can get better does. I’m glad that i like tried to cultivate hope in my own life. And you know it’s just worthwhile to live Reality is so beautiful if you take a moment to contemplate it. Despite all the suffering and pain and fear and inconvenience and worry and grief, it truly is a gift to be here. And I want to cherish every second that I can. So, I tried to put all those feelings into the album and I hope they reach you.”

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