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Warner Music Acquires David Guetta’s Recorded Music Catalog for Nearly $100 Million

| June 17, 2021

The pact sees Warner acquiring Guetta’s worldwide catalog from the last two decades and inking a new deal for future recordings.

When David Guetta in 2010 penned his timeless lyric, “Those will be the best memories,” little did he know those memories would fetch nearly $100 million.

Warner Music has has acquired the rights to the dance music luminary’s recorded music catalog, which contains global hits “Hey Mama,” “Titanium,” and “Turn Me On,” among many others. The pact sees the music giant acquiring Guetta’s worldwide catalog from the last two decades and inking a new deal for future recordings.

While the exact sum of the pact has not been publicly confirmed, the Financial Times reports that Warner spent over $100 million. Variety, on the other hand, spoke to two industry sources who asserted that the figure is in the “dozens of millions.” However, considering the fact that Guetta’s future music recordings are baked into the partnership, the nine-figure value seems a foregone conclusion.

Warner Music acquired the rights to David Guetta’s recorded music catalog for over $100 million.

“I’m super excited about the new music I’m working on. And even more excited that I have started to play all this new music live to my fans again and they are loving it,” Guetta said in a statement. “This is the right time to renew my creative partnership with my trusted team at Warner Music. This deal is about having the best people around me to ensure I can keep innovating with exciting new projects, while also working my extensive catalogue and continuing to build my career.”

“It’s rare for an artist to not only define a genre, but transform it. David has been doing that for over two decades – igniting worldwide audiences and influencing whole generations of talent,” added Max Lousada, CEO of Warner Recorded Music. “He continues to have an extraordinary impact on the evolution of dance music, while innovating and collaborating with new voices in dynamic ways. For all he’s achieved so far, there’s so much great music, creativity, and originality still to come. All of us at Warner are very happy to expand our partnership with this global icon.”


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