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Trance Legend ATB Unveils New Musical Alias, EANOH: Listen to His Debut Song

| July 11, 2021

The single is primed for hot girl summer, featuring a sultry mix of vocals, trombone instrumentation and tropical house percussion.

German trance legend ATB has long been revered as of the electronic music scene’s most iconic producers. His seminal 1999 hit, “9PM (Till I Come),” has already received two updated versions: a deep house rework with A7S and Topic titled “Your Love (9PM)” and a remix by Tiësto.

Now, he’s spicing things up with a new club-focused alias, dubbed EANOH. The project’s debut single, “Simply Mad,” was released July 9th via Universal Germany.

Featuring a sultry mix of haunting vocals and tangy percussion licks, “Simply Mad” is primed for the sweaty club nights characteristic of a hot girl summer. Stealing the show is the song’s sizzling trombone melody, dialing up its energy right in time for its drops. Meanwhile, rave claps and a thick bassline round out its infectious pop-house arrangement.

While it’s not immediately clear how ATB will integrate the EANOH moniker into his brand, it appears he’s keeping the buzz organic by shying away from announcement posts on social media. You can check out “Simply Mad” below.




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