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The Funk Hunters, ESKEI83, & Rusur Go Big Westwood Recordings Single ‘Hit Like’

| June 2, 2021

Two producers and a multi-talented vocalist have released, “Hit Like,” on label Westwood Recordings. The hybrid electronic experience features everything from trap, breaks, melodic verses, and concentrated hip-hop verses together all in one go. The end experience induces a level of originality that makes the hairs stand up on the back of the head. The single is one that keeps you on the edge or your seat, yet satisfies by it’s sheer creativity and technicality. The production efforts of The Funk Hunters and ESKEI83 alongside the vocal work of RUSUR is the concoction that allowed this uncontainable idea to come to meet it’s full potential.

RUSUR’s verses take the lead at the first instance of clicking play, the energy volumes upward as the power of the beat reveals itself more and more. Soon a break in the tension comes forth and melodic verses pass by. Yet, moments after, engulfing drops with thick basslines take the moment. A dead silence lands for a split second, all signs point to the bridge creeping up. Soon after, the energy picks up and the drop slams with a heavier onset influenced from the first, this time breaks taking more control of the situation.

“Our first ever collab with ESKEI83 and we couldn’t be more excited with how this turned out. RUSUR delivered amazing vocals too. Really hope we all get to play this out on a big festival stage soon as that’s what it was made for, feels like a summer bass banger!!!”

– The Funk Hunters

“Super stoked to release this tune with The Funk Hunters & Rusur. It was all based on an ID I played in my DJ sets for a while but TFH took it to the next level! As soon as we had the instrumental ready, RUSUR came by the studio and recorded the vocals and ‘Hit Like’ was born”


A storm of inspirations from a triad of talented artist made this track a winner, one can hope that these three won’t hold back on making another track come to life.

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