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Text Message Interview: SMLE and Athena on Their New Collab Bursting Onto Rocket League

| August 7, 2021

Athena shared her surprise as to how well received her musical debut has been.

The release of Athena‘s debut single “Eternal” alongside Grammy-nominated duo SMLE marks another seminal moment for the connection between dance music and gaming. 

One of the foremost streamers of Rocket League and a member of the prominent esports organization Team Envy, Athena described the situation as “unreal” in an exclusive text message interview between herself and SMLE. 

Athena recapped her experience previewing the new single for her fans on stream, and having her expectations blown away by the reaction. “They’re all freaking out going crazy,” she said. “Didn’t expect it at all.”

The artists also react to seeing their post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-inspired makeovers in the new official music video for “Eternal,” which features the artists competing to snag an elixir that promises eternal youth. The video’s dark themes and aesthetics find contrast with the track’s spritely future bass synths and soaring singalong vocals from Athena.

The release is being driven by Monstercat, Canada’s largest independent dance music imprint. The label has developed a robust partnership with Rocket League over the years, releasing and licensing the music of numerous high-profile artists for the game, such as Kaskade. During the conversation, it’s revealed that Monstercat and Team Envy are additionally planning a collaborative merch drop to celebrate the groundbreaking single. 

As SMLE noted in a separate statement, “Eternal” marks the first time a Rocket League creator has teamed up with another artist who has had music featured within the game. Read the full text conversation between Athena and SMLE below and catch “Eternal” now playing on Rocket League fields everywhere.






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