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SOFT LAD launches solo project with maximalist bop…

| November 16, 2021

SOFT LAD launches solo project with maximalist bop ‘Singapore’

After fourteen years in the industry, multi-instrumentalist and musical collaborator Sophie Galpin launches her debut solo project, SOFT LAD, with maximalist bop ‘Singapore’.

The SELF ESTEEM and SOAK collaborator has more than cut her teeth, playing with Tom Grennan, The Breeders, James Vincent McMorrow and Jessie Ware for almost half of her life. SOFT LAD sees her become the songwriter she always dreamed of hearing on the radio. Taking something as multi-faceted as queer relationships, she transforms it into direct, hairbrush-in-the-mirror pop music.

‘Singapore’ is packed with chunky riffs, handclaps and a sing-a-long chorus to die for, revealing Galpin’s no-holds-barred approach where nothing is too much. Bringing together all the messy and beautiful parts of queer love, ‘Singapore’ basks chiefly in the moment when you finally feel ready to bid adieu to a relationship. It is that final shout at the sky when you expel the trauma of what’s gone and thrive in the onrushing relief.

Speaking to the song, she said: “This song describes a break up and that bit initially after where you look back for one last time then take that first step forward as a person on your own in the world. You feel like shit, and your friends tell you that you’re going to be fine and although intellectually you can rationalise it, you can’t truly feel it for a while until you get the perspective. And intertwined with that feeling of loss, you also have this feeling of relief of at least knowing where you stand and breathing it all out.  You suddenly have time and re-realise you can do whatever you want at any given time.”  


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