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Samantha Margret releases playful indie pop single, ‘Matthew…

| November 16, 2021

Samantha Margret releases playful indie pop single, ‘Matthew McConaughey’

Samantha Margret’s new single, ‘Matthew McConaughey’ is a quirky track with a name that simply says it all. In classic Samantha Margret fashion, she will have her fans feeling “alight, alight, alright” with this ear-catching tune. What started out as an odd dream, quickly became a little light of laughter in the world when she needed it most.  

Samantha explains the story behind the song itself and how it came to be, “On April 8, 2020, my best friend Emmalee texted me to tell me about a strange dream she’d had. We were getting ready to attend Hillary Duff’s birthday party when I invited her to Kim Kardashian’s house for a pre-party interview and playdate between Emmalee’s nephew and Saint. We decided that meant I was officially famous, and I sent her back a voice memo of the first version of ‘Matthew McConaughey’. The whole thing started as two friends laughing our way through a month that would turn into over a year of needing laughter. And, every step of the way, this song has given me a chance to play and ask my collaborators to ‘just make it weird and have a good time.’ Of course, I owe a lot of that to the spirit of Matthew McConaughey. JKL.“

She continues, “This song has been a blast to perform at live shows. I’m not usually that dance-y at shows, but this one just gets me going. And, it’s fun to see people get the title after the second chorus. Some people get it the first time around, but, after that second one, we’re usually all on the same page and laughing.”


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