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Rossy releases a new forward thinking single titled ‘777’

| June 29, 2021

Burgeoning trap producer Rossy is back with a new record titled ‘777’ on Jadu Dala host to some of the most experimental and forward thinking producers all over the world.

Rossy’s ‘777’ is as myseterious as it is enthralling. The record is littered with precise percussion and glistening arps that create divine video game-esq soundscapes. An ethereal vocal sample is present throughout the entire record that adds an eerie yet fitting element perfecting this fast paced trap anthem.

Check out what Rossy had to say about the creative process behind ‘777’:

“You know when a song comes together so seamlessly it’s such a beautiful feeling. You enter this flow state where you forget everything around you and then you come out like what the actual heck did I just do, that was 777. It was truly a labor of love. I started with the development of the main arp in the drop and the rest just fell into place from there. I love arps so much and tried to push that love for them in a new direction with this song. I knew while making the track that I wanted to add a very distinctive vocal chop, after the bulk of the track was done was when I added the chop in and for me it made the song so special.”

Stream ‘777’ below or grab it here. 

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