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Rising Group The Two Fake Blondes Chat About Future Plans, The Mission, Artist Tips & More [Exclusive Interview]

| June 5, 2021

The Two Fake Blondes first made their impression here at RaverRafting with their single, “Good 4 U,” a lively, deep house jam that not only connects good pop with strong dance, but shows a greater connection between two very compatible humans. Hannah Mac and Petey Mac are a married couple, but also are the two founding members of the group.

Unique in many ways, including their relationship, The Two Fake Blondes are certainly eye-catching to say the least. Getting a deeper look into their lives, we chatted with The Two Fake Blondes about their foundations, what they suggest works to other hungry rising artists, future endeavors, and more.


RR: How did The Two Fake Blonde formulate as an alias?

TTFB: Almost exactly one year after we got married, Pete had this crazy vision of us merging our talents together. I formerly had a career in country music and had taken a 3 year break when we initially met so we hadn’t made any music together prior to being married. I was a huge champion of Petey’s music so as soon as he asked me if I wanted to join forces…well, the rest is history. The name “The Two Fake Blondes” was Pete’s brilliant idea that was a result of weeks of trying to choose a name. At first we sort of laughed it off, then about a hour later we were like wait a second, this could be a really cool brand. And ALL of the social handles and the domain were available which was such a blessing. So we went for it.

RR: What’s the main theme you hope people take away from the sound?

TTFB: Joy. We want to make people feel happy! When they hear the name “The Two Fake Blondes” we want it to automatically bring a smile to their face. Joy is such a life jacket in the waves life and we can never have too much of it.

RR: What genres are you focusing on at the moment?

TTFB: Primarily house but our newest batch of unreleased songs explores a wider range of dance. We’re inspired by so many different artists like Avicii, The 1975, MK, Charli XCX, & Calvin Harris.

RR: What tips would you give rising artists seeking inspiration or advice to improve the success of their project?

TTFB: Find your mission statement. Write down your “why” and make sure it’s strong enough that it’ll hold you during the tough times. Because there will be times you feel like giving up. Secondly…consistency compounds. We say this over and over and over again. Third, never underestimate the power of rest. It’s important to work your butt off, but be attentive to when your body and brain need rest and do not feel guilty for taking it. “Rest is wise.” – Bob Gof

RR: What do you plan on for the future of the project?

TTFB: Tour the world and hug every one of our fans! We are building a brand that we hope can leave a legacy. In the immediate, we are working on releases for the rest of 2021 and beyond as well as booking shows and building our online community.

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