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PAX Releases ‘Cosmic Kiss’, Their Factory 93 Records Debut

| July 3, 2021

PAX, the exquisite house and techno duo composed of Aaron Taylor and Charles Robinson, released ‘Cosmic Kiss’, their debut track on Factory 93 Records.

‘Cosmic Kiss’ revives the melodic techno that brings passionate souls together on the dancefloor. Tugging at heart strings, the track pulsates rhythms that orchestrate the limitless boundaries of a cosmic realm. As strings echo in the distance, ardent vocals burn with passion that are guaranteed to gravitate lips to lock on the dancefloor. Immersed in intimacy, ‘Cosmic Kiss’ truly burns the fire that lies within our hearts. Basslines that pulsate in unison with clap-clack combos saunter you into throbbing percussions that entice you to slowly pull a significant other in closer for just one more kiss.

Previously climbing the Beatport charts with a six-week run at #1 with ‘Electric Feel’, in addition to reaching 5 million plays with another dancefloor heater ‘Snake’, along with their nostalgic take on the classic hit ‘Touch Me’, and of course the hot collaboration ‘Alive’ with house music deities Gorgon City, PAX have certainly taken the dance music scene by storm. It is no doubt ‘Cosmic Kiss’ will collide with the hearts and ears of listeners and keep that button pressed on repeat.

“We couldn’t be more excited to finally be releasing ‘Cosmic Kiss,’ says PAX. “Factory 93 and ourselves have been patiently waiting for the industry to blossom back to life before unleashing it, and this track, for us, is synonymous with what we have all been missing. It underlines a rebirth, a new era and better days ahead.”

Listen to ‘Cosmic Kiss’ HERE.

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