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Nattl4mpe – Nejjjj (Mhost Likely Black, MHLBLCK007)

| July 23, 2021

Our Friday selection: Nattl4mpe – Nejjjj (Mhost Likely Black, MHLBLCK007) Oslo-based artist Nattl4ampe makes his Mhost Likely Black debut this July with a fast-paced, hardcore-techno single accompanied by remixes from TRUSSEL, SYNK and Minus Magnus. Initially rising as a figure on the underground Norwegian club scene, the past few years have seen Nattl4mpe establish himself as one of the most crucial, uncompromising and determined talents from the new wave of Norwegian techno. Leading with an unmistakable attitude and a rebellious taste for techno’s transgressive edges, Nattl4mpe shreds light on dance music’s wild reinvention with his ‘Nejjjj’ single on the prolific

Der Beitrag Nattl4mpe – Nejjjj (Mhost Likely Black, MHLBLCK007) erschien zuerst auf IT SOUNDS FUTURE.


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