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Moving Single ‘Deep End’ Comes To Life As LAVIN And FWA Sign Track To Sony Music Norway’s Arista Records

| June 30, 2021

Two rising talents have combined the best of both their talents to form one enchanting and unforgettable experience. “Deep End,” is the product of their hard work, with bursting vocal moments, confidence-inducing instrumental crafting, and an overall atmosphere that sparks hope. Duo LAVIN, who are following up successful single, “Too Close,” expertly lay down a balanced production that features raw instrumentation with just the right amount electronic effects. Soft pads and drum work hit with ease which helps pump up the gradual intensity as things steer toward the chorus. The overall aura drives a can-do attitude as the charming aspects take you over, making the worries of the world fade away while the beauty of what the life can bring comes face-to-face with the listener.

LAVIN are graduates of the highly-acclaimed LIMPI school in Norway. Known, in part, for their ability to render outstanding artists into the world, their hard-work and world-class education at the school has played a role in them finding their sound and attaining even more ambition they had before around music projects. For LAVIN, aka Anders Grindheim Bratterud and Oskar Karlström, this is just the beginning.

As luck may have it, the two were in the midst of a demo-listening session when the FWA concept came through their speakers, they were swept up by what they heard and the rest is history. A bit of communicating and exchanging files between LAVIN and FWA has now immortalized the idea and given it a home on well-equipped label Arista Records.


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