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Moody Jones & Santino Le Saint Connect for Lush UKG Tune, ‘SCORPIO (Cigarettes & Alcohol)’

| October 28, 2021

Moody Jones has been everywhere. In his Spotify bio, he talks about his time in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and the US. So it’s no surprise when you hear the worldly influence in his music. For his latest release, he teams up with London artist Santino Le Saint for a spicy garage tune called “SCORPIO (Cigarettes & Alcohol)” and we’re loving it at Daily Beat.

Blending elements of UKG and R&B, Moody Jones and Santino Le Saint create a tune that’s fun, sexy, and danceable. Moody gives insight on what it was like working with the UK artist saying, “Santino is one of my favorite writers, and being able to bring his voice to dancefloors has been a dream for me.”

In true R&B fashion, the subject matter is quite sad. Dealing with heartbreak at the hands of a Scorpio, the song details the troubles of the said relationship, but still expresses their care for the ex-partner. While the lyrics might be melancholic, the dynamic beat behind the track is powerful and effective. Boasting playful breaks over a choppy house rhythm curates a club-ready melody you can’t help but groove to.


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