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Mazare – Paracosm (EP)

| June 7, 2021

EDM artist Mazare unveiled the full force of his debut EP, “Paracosm.” It has an extensive feature list including the likes of CloudNone, Bloodhounds, Keepsake, Saint Agnes, and more available via Monstercat.

Mazare blurs the line between rock and electronic in impressive fashion, as he draws on multiple subgenres from bass to trap to DnB. “Paracosm” opens with lead single,”Wake Up” with Bloodhounds, a heavy-hitting hard rock and trap crossover. Next, Mazare calls on Keepsake and Liel Kolet for a rock-inspired single, “Open Heart,” that takes a more emotional approach with a pop-punk riff. From there, the EP shifts to drum ‘n’ bass with “Scared,” with duo Machine Age. Following the track is “Light It Up,” which features Saint Agnes and great percussion instrumental To close out, Mazare enlists CloudNone to end the EP on an emotive high.

Mazare told us “the word ‘Paracosm’ literally means ‘imaginary world’, and it’s something that usually originates during childhood; it has defined rules, history, geography and language, and may incorporate elements from reality and everyday life, as well as fictional characters and features. With this title I wanted to reflect the various styles and genres I explored in this piece of work, and my general tendency as a producer. It also ties in with the story I am telling through the artworks of my songs, but this is something fans will discover as we go.”

Enjoy the EP below.

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