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Luke The Knight – Disco Nap

| June 18, 2021

After establishing a noteworthy career in the band Lotus, Luke The Knife unveils his debut solo project, “Disco Nap.” The nine-track offering takes the listener on an eclectic journey filled with funky beats and experimental melodies including features with Cherub and Raven Jane.

The nine-track album opens up with the single, “Hit ‘Em With The Boogie” that features some funky instrumentals and disco influences. Next up is “Beware,” followed by “She’s So Damn Fine,” with indie-electro duo Cherub for a lively upbeat tune. The album transitions into the previously-released single, “Sau Paulo, which contains downtempo soothing and a funk-forward vibe. 

The second half of the album kicks off with the fifth single “Bounce It,” “Better Mind” with Raven Jane and the track “Disco Nap.” Finishing off the album include “Head’s In The Sky” that features an atmospheric melody and disco vocal samples followed by, “Dawn Light Hits The Snow,: which is a melodic and progressive melody.

Luke The Knife told us “When the lockdown hit I had my first long-term break from touring in many, many years. I took that opportunity to start writing original Luke the Knife tracks. At first I was planning on doing mainly disco and funk-influenced tracks. I recorded a full album-worth of those and thought I was done with the debut. I kept listening to these over and over and I felt like it didn’t represent the full vision I wanted for Luke the Knife. So I wrote 9 more tunes pushing into more sides of my sound – tech house, future funk, bass house, melodic techno. Then I picked the best from both groups to make “Disco Nap”. It’s a special pleasure to release my first solo album and bring these original Luke the Knife tracks to people’s ears.”

Enjoy the album below.

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