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Luca Draccar Lives In the Moment With In-Depth EP ‘419’

| August 11, 2021

Luca Draccar hails from Italy, is based in Berlin, and is without a doubt a name to watch if you are into tasteful and sonically ambiguous electronic music. Boasting a sound that has been described as “a psychedelic cocktail of deep flavors…[with] rubbery futuristic/sticky tendencies,” Luca Draccar is influenced from a multitude of genres, orchestrating complex arrangements and otherworldly soundscapes in his well-crafted tunes.

The talented artist’s latest piece of work comes in the form of 419, a three-track EP which traverses its listeners through a number of sinister and dark soundscapes throughout its length of 17 minutes. ‘419’ is an anagram of the phrase “for one night,” and with that Luca Draccar wants to urge his audience to live in the moment and enjoy the present. “The past is the present that no longer exists. The future is the present that does not yet exist. So, only the present counts,” says the artist. “Do not waste it, because there is no return and no ‘satisfied or refunded’. Follow the 419 rules.”


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