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LISTEN: NATIIVE Releases Addictive New Single “Rewind”

| July 15, 2021

A relative newcomer by name but with the skillset that belies his years as a musician, NATIIVE is back with his newest single “Rewind.” Cultivating his sound with every release, NATIIVE is committed to releasing quality over quantity. Out now, “Rewind” is a modern day love song, reminiscing on emotions past and present, aiming to pause and rewind to those special moments. Fusing elements of UK Garage with modern synths and melodies, the emerging producer is looking to stake his claim among house music’s global elite. 

“When I made this track, It was right around when quarantine was beginning to be lifted, and I was feeling a bit nostalgic of the past. I was listening to a lot of house music – reminiscent of that era when I got into production and electronic music. I produced 90% of the track in one sitting over the course of a couple hours and then I went about my day haha… Coming out of the year we’ve all been in, with the pandemic and being in lockdown, ‘Rewind’ to me is reflective, remembering the great times and remembering to not take for granted the great moments in life. Just have fun.” – NATIIVE

‘LISTEN: NATIIVE Releases Addictive New Single “Rewind”

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