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Lemi Vice Brings Worth Infectious House Style In ‘Confusing’

| October 30, 2021

“Confusing,” fastens together some of the best aspects of club-house, tech house, and a healthy dose of vocal samples all in one catchy flow. The combination shotguns what Lemi Vice is all about in 2021 within a quick few-minute hit. Having been releasing music on this name since 2013, the last 2 tracks of his reached the public in 2019. CO-VID ended up forcing the artist to try out different avenues of music business ideas in 2020, yet the normalization of modern life slowly coming back has the artist back on top of what he’s passionate about, thus “Confusing” is here.

The exhilarating song is a return of sorts for the busy musician. Between working with DJCity on remixes he’s been commissioned for, keeping busy with various industry projects, and now planning what will be the future of this particular project, momentum is building around Lemi Vice.

The past helps foreshadow the bright potential he has going for him. He’s made tracks with none other that 2 Chainz, has gained support of DJ Vice, Diplo, plus Major Lazer, and produced dozens of track under different names over the years.

“Confusing,” is the start of something authentic and effective, expect more goodies from this artist soon as he continues his rise.


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