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Lea Willms shares new single ‘Blood Runs Red’ Berlin-based…

| November 5, 2021

Lea Willms shares new single ‘Blood Runs Red’

Berlin-based singer-songwriter Lea Willms has released her new single ‘Blood Runs Red’ today. It is the second single of her upcoming EP Silver.

Willms sets herself apart with a certain vulnerability reflected through her writing-style. Crafting a smooth fusion between alternative-pop and contemporary-folk music, she delivers multi-dimensional songs that draw melancholic pictures of love and hurt.

With alluring soundscapes, ‘Blood Runs Red’ carries the pain of betrayal within a relationship. The kind of hurt that almost feels dangerous. Dark piano and mystifying strings, combined with Willms soft vocal, capture these emotions perfectly. Lea says; `I wanted the song to sound like a comitted crime, because that’s how heartbreak can feel like too…after a break-up that didn’t end on good terms.I created the song when I was in a situation like that, which also pushed me in quite a dark place mentally.”


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