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Kill the Void Drop Menacing Debut EP, “Cult of Tau”

| July 24, 2021

The duo’s three-track EP is an ominous song-cycle of industrial techno.

French electronic music duo Kill the Void have unveiled their debut EP, an ominous three-track techno record called Cult of Tau.

The EP is a song-cycle of menacing, industrial techno and experimental dance music. Cult of Tau, which arrives on the heels of the duo’s signing to the UK record label Dance Trax, also includes a forward-thinking remix of its titular track by Assembler Code set for release on July 30th.

Created using instruments from fabled audio brands such as Roland, Sequential, Eric Synths, and Moog, the EP kicks off with “Cult of Tau,” a frenetic and glitchy peak-time bomb with a cinematic edge. They follow with “Cosmopendium,” a sinister techno banger with booming kickdrums and an acid-inspired bassline, before tying a bow on the EP with the mind-bending midtempo cut “Chariot of Love.”

Check out Cult of Tau below.

With their debut EP, Kill the Void drew inspiration from a bevy of electronic sub-genres in their mission to fuse them into a singular sound all their own. They cite acid house, techno and psytrance as main influences, but the duo maintain that there are “no rules” when it comes to their production techniques.

“Our inspiration comes mainly from our own experiences, our past, our vision of the world and those things that make us vibrate,” said Ash of Kill the Void. “We often use our darkest dreams and nightmares, we always found something mysterious and poetic with madness and darkness. That’s the essence of our music. Inspiration comes also from cosmic horror books and movies, some mysteries, quantum physics is fascinating… There are many things that inspire us, but generally they all have one thing in common, which is the mystery.”

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“The composition of Cult of Tau EP and especially ‘Chariot of Love’ came about naturally when we came back to Paris after a trip to Greece,” added Kill the Void’s Ella, who draws inspiration from iconic authors such as H.P. Lovecraft and Dante Alighieri. “We have found a gigantic cavity hidden in a forest, at the foot of a mountain without any humans around. We stood in front of this gigantic mouth for a moment, quite impressed by the energy emanating from it… Scary but too attractive to resist the urge to rush into it.”

You can find Cult of Tau on streaming platforms here.

Cult of Tau Tracklist:

1. Cult of Tau
2. Cosmopendium
3. Chariot of Love
4. Cult of Tau (Assembler Code Remix)




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