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Justice’s Gaspard Augé Opens Up About Legal Battle With Justin Bieber: “It’s a Very Conscious Rip-Off”

| June 28, 2021

“It’s how the world works today, and it’s a bit sad.”

Since the release of Justin Bieber‘s Justice album, the two members of fabled electro duo Justice have been locked in a legal battle with the pop star.

The issue came about when Bieber announced the album, the branding of which the French pair claim is derivative of their own. Still, Bieber moved forward with promotion of the album without addressing the similarities between the font used for the album title and the Justice logo, and the situation became litigious.

Now, Justice’s Gaspard Augé has spoken out about the legal conflict in an interview with The Guardian

Justice’s logo (L), Justin Bieber’s “Justice” album artwork (R).

“Obviously, we don’t own the word ‘Justice’ and we don’t own the cross,” Augé explained. “But [Bieber’s] management got in touch first to ask where our logo came from, so it’s not some unhappy coincidence. To me, it’s a very conscious rip-off. And that’s where the problem is.”

The legal struggle continues as Augé has just released his debut solo album, Escapades. Releasing amid the Justice versus Bieber legal battle, as well as contending with the news of the split of fellow iconic French dance music duo Daft Punk, Augé has already seen a struggle in getting the seminal Escapades the attention it deserves. 

“It’s how the world works today, and it’s a bit sad,” Augé said.


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