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John Lynx & Robbie Rosen Join Forces On “Soldier….

| June 3, 2021

Get ready for a huge collaborative track from John Lynx and American Idol finalist Robbie Rosen. “Soldier” is out now via Asteroid Records. Clearly, a rising, anthemic Dance-Pop banger set to blow out your car speakers. The release of “Soldier” is the follow up to Lynx’s recent EDM hit “Dreams,“ which became part of Electro Wow’s Definitive List Of The Best Songs Of 2020. With the previous single proving to be a fan-favorite as well as reaching over 190K plays on Spotify, the Chicago-based producer hopes for another success.



This is especially so, when lyrics talk about unconditional love. The soldier can represent the hero of a relationship, the one who accompanies you in the most difficult moments. The soldier is the one who knows your battles and does not leave you alone. If you’re really starting to miss the festivals, this anthem is also made for you. It encompasses the nostalgic progressive gems that put your hands up in the air.

Let’s enjoy this new offering that will likely scorch radio airwaves across the coming months. The future is bright for John Lynx. A future that is here to stay!


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