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‘Hurting My Head’ An Impressive Electronic Feat Thanks To Poylow and Britt Lari

| April 23, 2021

Poylow and Britt Lari brings the heat with this epic collaboration that hits the spot. The drop here delivers a strong thumping effect that plays out well as the hook of the release. It’s clear that these two were meant to work together and this original was all around meant to be. The mystery built into the sonic side of this release enriches the personality of this work. Dance-driven and full of originality, this release is something not to be missed.

Poylow and Britt Lari have been in a roll, basically since they kicked off their projects. Popularity has come their way on the Spotify front, with millions of monthly listeners coming in over just a handful of releases. Talent bestows both of these artists, even though they both focus on different aspects within electronic music, Poylow being a DJ/producer and Britt Lari being a vocalist.

“Hurting My Head” is a win on many levels, well mixed/mastered, a fascinating theme, and more all come into play to make something unforgettable.


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