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How to Become an EXPERT MC / emcee / Master of Ceremonies, from an absolute beginner!

| August 8, 2021

As a mobile DJ, it’s critical to be a great M.C. (master of ceremonies). We must make announcements, lead the audience’s attention, and command the room. Here I share 14 tips on how to become a great emcee:

1. Hold mic firmly but don’t choke up on the mic
2. Speak directly into the mic!
3. Remember to avoid feedback either with technology or via placement (“put speakers between mic and audience”)
4. Speak slowly and clearly, using full annunciation + pauses to ensure process time
5. Say only what you need to say, nothing more, no filler, etc. ( see what I did there)
6. Stop music for dramatic pause before addressing group on a major announcement
7. For other announcements: turn down music, or at least take out mids or use low pass filter, to avoid frequency clash
8. Repeat yourself especially at the beginning of your statements to hook them in
9. Beginner level = write down every word in script/prose form; Pro-level = bullet points (never have nothing)
10. For weddings or events with guest of honor, ensure couple or VIP names are printed / bold
11. Practice, record, and listen to audio playback – critique yourself, re-write
12. Watch for crutch phrases or fillers like “you know”, “um”, “like”, etc. – full script helps avoid these
13. Toastmasters is a great way to get tips and practice speaking in public
14. Seek, listen, impersonate those you admire (fly with the eagles to become one). Seek podcasts, videos, courses, events, etc. — emulate pacing and annunciation. Then find your own voice!

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