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Harmonix’s Fuser Launches “Headliner Spotlight” Update With 24/7 Live Music Festival

| May 26, 2021

Select gamers will have the chance to perform for over 250 people.

Last year Harmonix, the developer behind Rock Band and Dance Central, launched their latest title Fuser, allowing gamers to become their very own DJ heroes. Without any special equipment, players are able to explore the world of mixing music in front of a massive virtual festival. Little did we know, even the professionals would be performing like this in just a few short months post-launch. 

After the rise of Twitch DJ sets due to the pandemic, developers are now releasing an update to the game called the “Headliner Spotlight.” This feature will allow players the chance to DJ for actual people at the Diamond Stage, a 24/7 live venue. Over 250 people will be able to watch a lucky user spin both in-game and on Twitch. 

While the performance in itself is important, the most crucial component of the new update is locking down your time slot. Just like with in-person events, securing a spot on the stage during an hour when more people are tuned in is key. In order to secure the primetime slot, the user will have to earn enough Diamonds through in-game play. Developers have stated that users cannot simply purchase Diamonds with real money—they must be earned. 

Those who already own Fuser would have received the update for free beginning May 25th. It also includes upgrades to DJ profiles, improvements on the recommendation engine for mixes, and will fully integrate Twitch Drops into the game. Fuser is available here


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