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| May 2, 2021

Luca Draccar Soul Grabber

The sensational producer Luca Draccar serves up a mouth-watering buffet of earthy grooves for the delight of all with his new ep Soul Grabber. This mystical voyage of effervescent chords and melodies is bound to keep you on the edge of your seats.

Soul Grabber is a 5-track effort and a very emotionally moving project. Each track on the ep appears to emerge from the one before while being able to stand on its own ground. Beginning with Jadore, the biotic rhythms and the pulsating tribal percussion adds so much depth and dimension to the compositions that follow. Musically, Soul Grabber crosses the boundaries of several musical genres while being centered on the gnosis of trance music.



Luca Draccar is able to explore various ideas through a storehouse of instrumentation and sounds. Satan Club is a perfect example of this, as it is a peculiar track due to its use of voice and chants at the composition’s beginning. Soul Grabber by Luca Draccar is a fun, but introspective ride thar is filled with melodic gems.


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