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German Artist, Joquerio Releases a Moving Deep House Single, ‘I, My Desire’

| July 19, 2021

The German producer Joquerio brings the elegance from acoustic music together with the driving forces of electronic music.  Joquerio’s latest production, ‘I, My Desire’ truly tells a tale that builds on a intricate guitar intro that leads to upwards vocal melody accompanied by a simple yet stron synthie-flute and real drums to fall under the deep house umbrella. 

I look for tension and release in the relation between low and high. This probably comes from playing the classical counterpoint on the cello for so many years.  My aim was to make it joyful and intriguing. May the listener decide. –Joquerio on ‘I, My Desire’. 

Joquiero’s classicially trained cello background and clear control of percussion shines through this finely crafted prodution.  Enjoy getting know the undeniably talented artist during our exclusive interview.

Where are you from? 

I was born near Stuttgart in the south of Germany. Three years of my childhood I spent in Ecuador and later I moved to Berlin before finally returning to the Stuttgart area. 

How would you describe your direction of sound?

I am still looking for a clear direction. I am searching for the balance between acoustic and electronic elements, a strong bass and captivating harmonies, subtleness and complexity. Overall, there always should be something joyful.


Prior to ‘I, My Desire’, Joquerio made his debut with ‘Big Town’ a classy, jazz vibe that showcases his professionalism behind the drum kit and mastery of sound design.

What are 5 records you find at the forefront of electronic music?

I feel inspired by.. 

Pan-American: The River Made No Sound

Sans-Souci: Seaside (ext. mix)

Ardalan, Claire George: Lifted

Camel Power Club: Laïka (Hannes Fischer Remix) ..such a beautiful bass

Underworld: Rez

What or who inspired you to start producing music?

As a kid, I started with classical music by learning the cello. Later I heard Eberhard Weber with the Jan Garbarek Group with his amazing, electrified double bass which he played like a cello. The mix between acoustic and electric sounds this group created really hooked me. First I used the cello to play the bass part in a jazz band and of course I had to amplify it. Later I learned to play the piano and the electric guitar to be able to realize my own ideas and the computer was the next logical step to put it all together. Looking back, it is still the bass – funky, powerful or lyrical – that mainly draws my attention. 

The real fascination for producing electronic music rose from songs like 900 Degrees by Ian Pooley and American Dream by Jakatta. 

What are your plans for the summer?

I try to find and enjoy the ZEN of being competitive and relaxed at the same time. 

What are your favorite local events, festivals or venues?

I am happy to have the FranzK in Reutlingen and the SUDHAUS in Tübingen. The variety of art and artists they provide is amazing!

Can you offer a sentiment about the electronic music community? 

When you find peace and power in music, take it and let it resonate. 

What is next for Joquiero?

Keep searching.

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