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Fact or fiction? Sound Haven responds to concerns regarding safety, water, and attendance

| July 30, 2021

Sound Haven has stirred up quite a few waves this weekend, July 28 trough August 2, as the Sacred Hive-run festival marks its third annual run. As any festival organizer will tell you, hosting a festival is about putting out fires at every turn, but they do it for the love of the music community. The only certainty is that nothing will go smoothly, but these grassroots teams do everything in their power to curate a safe, immersive experience.

At the start of Ternion Sound‘s set last night, things really hit the fan when the crowd witnessed footage of an adult male sneaking his way onto the main stage and climbing the scaffolds before security could react. The man then fell 35 feet from the rafters and landed in front of patrons. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured, the trained first-responders were able to transport him to a nearby hospital. His injuries from the fall included a broken leg.

Festivals are back, and gravity is still a thing. Don’t be like this guy at @SoundHavenFest last night. Nobody wants to see this.

P.S. — by all accounts he is ok…but some equipment and the entire vibe of the crowd weren’t so lucky.

: Marion Edward

— Festive Owl (@TheFestiveOwl) July 30, 2021

Of course, the angry Twitter mob is in uproar over the potentially fatal situation, despite them being on the ground to actually experience what’s really going on. Some are making demands of Sacred Hive, while other condemn the production company.

dude soundhaven is a fucking shit show and i would do ANYTHING to get the fuck out of here and go home right fucking now

most unorganized bullshit i have ever seen in my FUCKING LIFE

— MORT (@mortdubz) July 30, 2021

Please be safe at sound haven. I have already seen some really crazy shit happen, and it’s only day one. Safety first yall.

— Supertask (@Supertaskmusic) July 30, 2021

Ternion Sound even expressed their disappointment for how the event effected the energy of their set.

So here’s what’s actually being done…


Water is life, and very much the foundation of wellbeing for festival patrons and artists alike. For the water stations, Sound Haven brought on FloWater, the same company that provided water at Bassnectar NYE360 in Lousville. Due to the increased size and scale of unticketed attendees, the increased capacity of new patrons overloaded the water systems and FloWater was unable to keep up with the volume needed to accommodate thirsty attendees. Despite their best efforts, the bars kept water stocked and Sound Haven has ordered pallets of bottled water cases to keep up with the demand.

Parking / Attendance

This year proved to be particularly challenging for the parking and security staff at Sound Haven due to an overwhelming estimated 3,015 attendees. With one single point of entry and several hundred cars, is easy to imagine the wait times got pretty long, with some attendees reporting staying in a car for several hours before getting in. Some patrons became upset and impatient. What they didn’t realize, however, was how hundreds of patrons showed up with fake tickets or duplicated barcodes, driving up the attendance. Although it’s impossible to really gauge these precise numbers, the festival staff estimated several hundreds at minimum, perhaps up to 1,500 extra attendees.

“We didn’t expect such a rush the first day like we did,,” Jered Ardry, owner of Sound Haven, explains. “So we understand how frustrating it must be to come from all across the country only to be met with a long waiting line. Now that most of our patrons have made their way in, we expect minimal wait times and have increased staff to facilitate entry of our venue”

Any large turnout brings in just as many reasons to celebrate and equally just as many reasons to be concerned. A full statement from Sound Haven is expected soon regarding the specific changes. This story is still developing.

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