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| July 23, 2021

“Worth It,” hits a sweet spot in more ways than one. From the instrumentation used within to the exciting synth writing, and just the all around vibe on this one; DREAMOIR has stitched together a particularly jaw-dropping release that will surely stand the test of time.

DREAMOIR makes ‘Cinematic Bass,’ which entails taking in the aspects of scoring, bass music, and pop to create something that is it’s own fleshed out format.

The end result is immaculate and far from generic. The emotions conveyed here do remind of a movie trailer that refuses to let your eyes peel away.

The future is looking bright for DREAMOIR, with this much music talent in one person alongside such an elaborate branding experience that syncs the elements up well audibly and visually, this is one artist that’s seriously a breath of fresh air.

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