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DJ software VirtualDJ, unveil the new “2021 Summer Edition” of its flagship software.

| May 4, 2021

DJ software VirtualDJ, unveil the new “2021 Summer Edition” of its flagship software.

The software that is changing how DJs mix

Atomix Productions, the company behind the popular DJ software VirtualDJ, just unveiled the new “2021 Summer Edition” of its flagship software.

VirtualDJ revolutionized the DJing world last summer, by introducing a new technology that lets DJs instantly separate stems (vocals, instruments, beats, etc) from any songs, on-the-fly, and allows them to create their own remixes live during the party.

The VirtualDJ Pro software and this new feature have since been praised by most of the top DJs in the world.

Twenty of DJMag’s Top100 DJs were interviewed to give their first impression on this new revolution, and gave these comments:

But professional DJs who cannot or don’t want to bring a laptop on stage, can now also benefit from this new technology, thanks to VirtualDJ PRO’s ability to export the separated stems tracks onto standard CDJ usb sticks.

Stephane Clavel, CEO of Atomix Productions, said:

“Traditionally, VirtualDJ’s core market has spanned all types of DJs, from bedroom beginners to festival superstars, but with a bigger market-share in the professional “working DJs” segment. With the introduction of our new Instant Stems Separation technology, we wanted to also bring this to the high- level “festival DJs”, to let them discover too this new way of DJing and the future it’s paving. But most of these DJs do not use a laptop when they perform, so we had to step outside of our traditional DJ software paradigm, and add in VirtualDJ Pro a preparation mode so that users can export their libraries onto USB sticks, that can then be plugged into any CDJ on stage, and perform live. Though it doesn’t give all the bells and whistles of using the full VirtualDJ Pro software, it still enables instant access to play the separate stems of the tracks, for unlimited creativity and live remixes.”

Traditional software DJs will benefit from even more technological advances. With VirtualDJ 2021 Summer Edition, one can now also apply different tricks and effects to different stems, like scratching only the vocals of the song, looping only the beats, or filtering only the melody. This pushes even further the creativity and potential of using stems.

The new Summer Edition also comes with various other innovations. The browsing and searching experience has been improved with the introduction of the concept of #hashtags in any comment fields, quick filters selections, color rules, etc, to help DJs find the perfect track to play even faster.

VirtualDJ is the most popular DJ software, with over 150 million downloads, and is sold in more than 180 countries. It is used from superstar DJs to curious music enthusiasts all around the world, and has helped make DJing better and more accessible for over 20 years.

It is free for non-commercial use, and can be downloaded on



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