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DGTL And SkyNRG Partner Up On SAF Fuel Initiative

| August 14, 2021

DGTL is constantly pushing the limits of what an event company can bring to the table. It’s latest venture is the partnership they’ve struck with SkyNRG. The mission of the partnership is for DGTL to offset the carbon emissions from flying the artist in that they book for their events.

Now, through the process called ‘Book & Claim,’ for every tank that DGTL fills to fly artist in for their events, a tank will be filled with SAF close to a SAF production facility into an airplane. SAF is a sustainable substitute to petroleum based fuel 99% of flights use today. SAF is a product developed by SkyNRG using sustainable resources that could be used on all airplanes, which is the end goal.

Simply put, if all flights used SAF, the carbon footprint happening now would be massively reduced. A major sigh of a relief as a global community could be authentically experienced.

The fight for a better future is a major issue of the current times. It takes work. Props to DGTL for making this happen and SkyNRG for allowing this to be possible.

DGTL works every day to plan and pull off massive events around the world, their commitment to a safer future, ideally, will ripple through the industry and make artists booked for their events feel good about what they’re doing.


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