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Business Tip #19: Diversify Your Business

| May 23, 2021

Hey everybody, what’s going on? This is DJ Supe. I am the proprietor of SyndiMix Media Networks LLC and I am a disc jockey here in Sacramento, California at the wonderful Florin Square. I want to present you with business tip #19…and that is diversifying. So you always want to diversify your business so you can maximize the sources of income. This helps to maintain sustainability for your business.

Look at me for example. I’m a DJ. I also do animated graphics, produce music, host a radio show, and teach DJ classes. All of these things are interrelated, and they all feed my brand. People may approach me for different services, and it really helps when one business tentacle gets a little dry, I can pick up with something else. So remember, it’s all about diversifying your business to keep your business afloat. Once again, this is DJ Supe, and that’s Tip Number 19!


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