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Blvk Sheep Releases Emo/Screamo-Tinged 2-Track ‘Disassociated’ EP

| July 21, 2021

Richie Buckley aka Blvk Sheep has dived right into the emo/hardcore side of the music world in his new 2-track Disassociated EP. The pairing of songs highlight a catchy balance between the world’s of EDM and punk/screamo, a melding many try to make, but few as good as this. Anticipation was building around this EP even before the release of first single, “Life Sucks.” “Life Sucks,” goes more on the melodic side, featuring pop-punk vocals and an all-around throwback late 2010’s vibe, while “Let Go,” outpours the brutality and will widen any moshpit around, also highlighting musical attributes from this chronological era.

Blvk Sheep gives off an aura that he doesn’t really care what may be popular or relevant, but is more focused on making the best quality of tracks with unique themes he has in mind – that commendable.

Given the independent direction he takes his music, I am sure Dissociated EP will be turning many heads and creating curiosity around what the next sonic adventure Blvk Sheep will bring after this.

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