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‘Blade’ by Kantor an Imaginative Mid-Tempo Experience

| July 29, 2021

Kantor’s “Blade,” adds to the immersive, imaginative experience that this artist has been able to bring to life release by release. “Unbroken,” is the track he is now following up, “Unbroken,” being an emotional and inspiring song pushing the limits of what’s known and expected from his sound, “Blade,” cuts in the other direction with a whole different vantage point, but still fits the pool of Kantor long-term listeners are likely use to.

“Blade,” delivers power boxed into a mid-tempo structure which cements itself into the memory bank of the listener, channeling some serious synth work roaring with an epic, all-encompassing feel.

Often building a certain futuristic techtopia cinematic vantage into the music he makes, Kantor is just on top of his game. There’s now a huge catalog of music Kantor has stacked up, most of which dropping just this year.


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