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Bad Eye Taps 4 Unique Artists In ‘Aphotic Remixes’ EP

| July 17, 2021

“Aphotic,” and “One Who Is Many,” make up an illusive and somewhat mysterious experience thanks to Aphotic EP and the creators behind it, Bad Eye. A certain darkness and adventurous edge being a highlight component that is sensed through the progressive/deep/trance works. Now, 4 artists have taken on and completed the challenge of remixing the two tracks, adding a greater spectrum of direction and imagination than ever before.

Released on label Understated @ Nite, each remixer brings their own flavor to the original feel, their contribution certainly worthy of selection and enhancing the core spirit of what the original put out there.

LUNR transforms “One Who Is Many,” and blends in an even eerier disposition. Juicing up the rhythm and throwing in some effects that drive a trippier feel, it’s a strong start to what is a solid remix EP. ASHE takes on the same song, but puts a more minimal production twist to it. Less dark and more reflective, the single positions the listener to step back and think deep candidly. Artist Rhyot and owner of Emercive Recordings – which has been covered on this outlet – flips Aphotic into something with a gradual building energy level and a cascading sonic nature paired with it. The track is just over 9 minutes long, the slow segue from one part to another being something that seduces to say the least. Barbosa’s Remix of “Aphotic,” is the most high-octane of them all and a great closer to the remix EP.

Bad Eye have a solid standard when it comes to delivering their own music as well as tapping the right artist to bring about a greater vision of his projects, Aphotic EP, hits the nail on the head in more ways that one.

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