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ARTY Drops Gorgeous New Progressive House Single “Fight For”

| July 17, 2021

Fresh off the heels of his latest single “One Night Away,” ARTY is back with another new release, “Fight For,” and it’s that sweet, sweet progressive house that his fans have been begging for. Featuring a soaring and anthemic vocal, emotive piano notes, and uplifting and melodic synths, “One Night Away” is sure to delight fans as we reconvene on the dancefloor.

The track opens up with some light piano notes and a distant synth melody in the background. The vocal track comes in and you immediately feel the hope and optimism of the song. After the first verse, there’s a vocal bridge and an acoustic guitar riff that takes us into the drop. The drop is classic ARTY, just beautiful progressive house melodies carrying you off into the sunset. The second verse follows the same formula, but with even more emotion coming from the piano and guitar sections. The buildup and drop following that is made for the mainstage. Here’s what ARTY had to say about “Fight For.”

“‘Fight For’ is one of the songs that takes you a day or two to make a version to test out in your live shows, but it takes forever to get it done and ready for the release. Since day one, I imagined this song as a tribute to the strong, fighting spirits that exist in all of us. Despite all the challenges life has assembled for us, even in the moments when we’re ready to give up, we somehow manage to find the deep inner strength that helps us to push through. And even if this isn’t enough, there will be someone’s hand we can grab and hold on to, because we’re not alone.”

Check out the latest from ARTY, “Fight For” out now on Armada.

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