The DJ Sessions



Bella Rose

Seattle, WA [US] close

Straight from the west coast, Bella Rose is an up and coming DJ who has a diverse background in music and loves to incorporate multiple genres in her performances. From trance to house to techno: you are sure to see many flavors brought to the table with emphasis on heavy […]


Seattle, WA [USA] close

machine_logic, curator of deep, hypnotic, progressive dance grooves with a delicate, ethereal chemistry. Always digging deep, his emotive selections tell a story. With every set, he shares more and more tiny pieces of himself. Having grown up with an eclectic collection, it took him a great while to come around […]


Santiago, Chile/Seattle, WA [Chile] close

Karmy is a Chilean Trance and Progressive DJ and Producer, currently based in Seattle, WA. His career in music started off back in 2011. After studying in the prestigious Point Blank Music School he continued developing as a DJ playing at local clubs in Santiago, Chile. 2017 marked an important […]


Los Angeles, CA [Romania] close

LUZI TUDOR is a Romanian Melodic House & Techno DJ and Producer living in LA. Her journey into music started at an early age. She found solace in the nightlife and rave scene as a refugee from a torn country that encouraged a wildly creative imagination, resilience, and hard work […]

DJ Dangerish

Seattle, WA [USA] close

DJ Dangerish (Eric McNees) is a DJ, producer, audio engineer, music video/film producer, and just an all around great looking Seattle based friend. He started his music career playing guitar and writing songs in pop punk and emo bands from Spokane in the 2000s, with a first love in electronic […]

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