The DJ Sessions


Seattle, WA [USA]
DJ Sho Nuph - Resident DJ on The DJ Sessions


In 1989 the Seattle music scene acquired the multi-talented triple threat known as Shomari Shanks. Shomari (aka DJ Sho Nuph), at the age of 15 quickly immersed himself in the local music community by connecting with the local hip-hop crew Tribal Music in the ’90’s. During this time he developed his craft of Rapping, Dancing, and creating new beats to share with the world. Shomari then jumped into the Jungle/ Drum & Bass Scene in the ’00’s and then became a mainstay at various spots around Seattle. Shomari’s passion for beat making and dancing is reflected in his ability to blend R&B, House, Funk, Spacious Trap, Soul, and his original tracks to keep all those bodies moving on the dance floor.

DJ Sho Nuph - Resident DJ on The DJ Sessions

While honing his production skills in 2008 Shomari was diagnosed with Kidney Failure and courageously fought for his life while still following his passion and dreams to create music and art. In 2011 he joined forces with fellow music creator DJ WD4D to introduce Soulectro. Soulectro was created to push the boundaries of the Electronic Music Scene by introducing new and forward thinking mixes and original creations.

In 2016, Shomari received a new kidney and used his recovery time to create his EP HOWEVAYAWANT, which was released in July 2018 and available on Bandcamp.

After regaining his health and the release of HOWEVAYAWANT, Shomari teamed back up with WD4D and OC NOTES to continue to push the envelope in the music scene today by relaunching the progressive, soulful, electro vibe night.