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Akai Unveils MPC ONE Retro Standalone

| May 11, 2021

This one is for the real heads. With all the modern features but the classic look, get the sound of today but with the look of yesterday.

Akai has today announced the latest addition to their standalone MPC hardware lineup, MPC One Retro. The MPC One Retro retains the modern standalone MPC workflow while revisiting the legendary MPC look.

It’s a MPC One for a little bit more and might not be for everyone but the nostalgia market is a big one and Akai is happy to tap into it.

Instantly recognizable will be the appeal of the 16 gray pads, synonymous with countless smokey studio videos with the great MPC users. However, the MPC One retains all the modern features including MPC plugin instruments insert effects plugins from AIRMusic Tech, a 7” capacitive multi-touch screen, and a Quad-core powered standalone unit.

You can use the MPC one for creating beats, chords, melodies, pulsing hi-hats, basslines and anything else you assign to them. 4 touch-sensitive Q-link knobs are the gateway to controlling many parameters and settings that will help define your sound journey.


The MPC One Retro integrates into your music world with all the ports and jacks you need including USB, MIDI DIN, LINK, CV/Gate, 1/4” line-level audio input and a SD card slot to save, transfer and share your production. So, the MPC One Retro is well suited for pairing with other synthesizers, drum machines, and sound generators.

As a controller, the MPC One Retro comes with MPC2, its counterpart DAW software for those who want to elevate their music productions further on Mac or PC.

As a DAW software platform, the included MPC2 software boasts 128-track sequencing, real-time time stretching, MIDI editing, clip launching, Ableton Link support, and other advanced features such VST plugin support with other DAWs.


At a glance
Limited Edition retro colorway chassis and gray MPC pads

Exclusive MPC Expansion Pack for MPC One Retro owners

All the features of the MPC One Standalone (No Computer Required)

Standalone music production center with 4GB onboard storage

Fully compatible with projects, programs and sequences from previous MPC versions and legacy hardware

Comes loaded with loops and samples created by industry-leading sound designers

Load up your own custom samples via SD card or USB

7” touchscreen allows you to edit and chop samples via gestures

16 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads for programming beats and playing melodies

Includes acclaimed instruments including DrymSynth, Electric, TubeSynth, Bassline, and AIR FX mixing and mastering processors

USB controller input allows you to play sounds with your favorite controller keyboard

8 CV/Gate outputs for controlling modular synthesizers

MIDI I/O for integrating synthesizers, drum machines, and other hardware

Stereo line-level inputs and outputs on 1/4” TRS connections

USB-A port for thumb drives or control surfaces

The MPC ONE Retro is out now priced at £639.99. Visit the Akai website for more information.


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