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Aezvl Debuts New Single & New Alias In Future Bass/Pop Work ’On My Own’

| June 2, 2021

“All My Own,” brings together some euphoric energy that’s just hard to let go of. Aezvl is at the center of it all, with this being not just a strong original track easy to repeat, but his debut single he’s launching the alias off of. Even better, the release has been signed by a rising label – Esc. Records – making the recognition attained from the get-go that much note-worthy.

Aezvl, based out Hong-Kong, clearly has a unique history with electronic music productions, the single hits all the sweet spots that turns heads once it’s impression is made. Studder-filled synths, enchanting bells, and catchy hooks all work in tandem to make this single go from good to great. Lyrically, the theme focuses on an insolated, individualist existence. At a first glance, this may sound melancholy, yet the story shows a twist where this becomes a source of security and empowerment for the sonic protagonist brought to life in this one.

The single has serious charm and marks a great kick-off to what’s set to be a promising new artist Aezvl.


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