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A Posthumous Track Produced by Pierce Fulton Has Been Released: Listen

| July 9, 2021

The release of Fulton’s remix of yehno’s “We Can” was approved by the late artist’s family.

After receiving approval from the family of late dance music artist Pierce Fultonyehno has unveiled a posthumous release, a remix of the Montreal producer’s track “We Can.”

While the original version of “We Can” relies on subtle, organic sounds and a brisk house arrangement, Fulton took a different approach. He dialed the tempo back in his dreamy rendition, repurposing the arrangement with smooth breakbeat rhythms and punchy drums.

Check out the new remix below.

In May 2021, Fulton’s family tragically revealed that he had died from an apparent suicide after struggling with his mental health. Following his death, the family set up an where fans are able to share condolences, videos, and photos.

“Pierce was so incredibly full of life, love & unimaginable creativity,” reads a statement released at the time. “He was kind, caring, thoughtful, silly & sweet. The most magical person that we were all so blessed to know, hear & see. He was an expert at absolutely anything he set his mind to & had this incredible ability to retain knowledge unlike anyone I’ve ever known. The only word that truly can describe his abilities is genius.”

Alongside Fulton, yehno also tapped Martyn Bootyspoon, Ronan, Priori, and Ouri to produce reworks of music from his Tomorrow We’ll Be Here EP. He also cooked up two remixes himself. You can listen to the full project below.




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