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15 months without a gig

| May 20, 2021

I was thinking the other day of when the last time I had an actual , proper, gig . And no I don’t mean livestreaming but an actual gig , ie. in front of people at a venue . And then I realized it was early February 2020. That’s 15 whole months since I last had the pleasure of sharing my passion of music with others in ‘real life’ . This is by far the longest I have been without playing in my 21 year old career . I don’t know if ‘non DJs’ can understand how it feels to go so long without playing . The creative nature and inspiration from gigs has completely vanished . Its as if a portion of your own creative soul has been chipped away . The feeling of seeing people dance , go crazy , sing and shout to your songs is one of the greatest feelings I have experienced in my life. Even seeing someone just simply ‘bobbing’ their head to a track I’m playing is just as much satisfaction . Its an addiction , a creative addiction, like chasing for that ‘perfect high’ . Live streaming has been fun and can fill ‘that gap’ and scratch ‘that itch’ but its just not the same as being in front of a crowd. Besides , after a while of doing weekly live streams it can become stale very quickly , especially if you don’t have a huge fan base (like myself) whereby you have a chat you can interact with . I can see why allot of bigger named DJ’s are pushing hard on live streaming cos their fanbases are huge and they still have that ‘interactive’ part when it comes to playing music . And they can also monetize their streams and get sponsors making it financially viable to also keep doing live streaming. Slowly things are starting to open up here in Cyprus with clubs expecting to open up next month . Playing in Cyprus and getting gigs here has been a big struggle for me . With far too few gigs in between . It can become daunting especially coming from South Africa where I was getting gigs on a weekly basis and holding multiple residencies at the same time . In Cyprus though , the music and DJ scene is allot different . I’ve had allot of great gigs here but as mentioned before , they were too far and few in between . Being a DJ in Cyprus is just not the same as it was in South Africa . In South Africa if you were a good DJ you would get hired , regardless of social media presence/influence and regardless of popularity . In Cyprus on the other hand , as a DJ , this comes later . Priority is ‘are you popular ‘ , ‘ how well the owner/event organizer knows you ‘ , ‘how much do you charge’ and then its ‘how good can you DJ’ . Add all of this and to the fact that majority of the clubs/bars are mainly operating in the Summer and also that allot of these places require DJs to play an assortment of different music styles , from Greek , to pop , to rock , to house etc. . There is a word in Greek ‘meso’ , loosely meaning ‘inside connection’ . I don’t have ‘meso’ with allot clubs and bars , and have nowhere near the ‘meso’ as allot of other DJs have here. I know that I am in a pigeon hole and that I cant get out As much as I miss DJing to a live crowd and playing banging tunes at a packed venue , unfortunately the reality is , I’m not sure when I will be playing again . I’m not as well known as allot of other DJs in Cyprus , considering I’ve only been living here for 10 years , I don’t cater to allot of ,music styles and I don’t have ‘connections’ for gigs. I’m very fortunate that I’ve got my podcast and my tracks being released regularly but at the end of the day , I REALLY miss DJing . I hope I wont have to wait another 15 months for my next gig . Only time will tell .[#item_full_content]

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